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An effective BI support operating model

A large number of multinational companies have integrated an external partner to support their IT application systems from an offshore base. There are a number of elements that need to be in place to ensure that this is both efficient and successful within the organisation.


The support operating model within every organisation, of course, is different. However the majority of cases can fall into 2 and 3 tier support models. It is our belief that a 2 tier approach is more efficient. The 2 tiers of the model can be outlined as follows:


- Level 1

This tier is responsible for engaging with the business and performing basic analysis of incidents. It also engages with the BI SAP functional consultants on configuration requirements.


- Level 2

This tier is responsible for reviewing the analysis of Level 1 and working on the technical issue of an incident or change control until closure.


With a 2 tier approach, the Level 2 consultant can take ownership of an issue from the start to the finish and hence can be made accountable. In addition, the handover time that would exist between Levels 2 and 3 is eliminated.


We believe if the correct level of mentoring is in place, this allows for a continuous learning environment for the level 2 consultants.

It is important that all junior support consultants have a mentor, not just from a technical perspective where an environment is provided for the consultant to constantly learn, but also a process perspective. As BI covers a large number of process areas, ranging from finance to procurement; it is crucial to have clear governance in place.

SAP BI Support

Level 1

SAP BI Support

Level 2

To end...


There are a few key elements to ensuring a successful operating model and BI solution.

To have a successful support operating model, especially using an offshore strategy, you need accurate documentation and an open learning environment for Level 2 consultants with clear lines of accountability and ownership within the overall support operating model (from Level 1 down to process owners).

We strive to implement our models into firms in order to ensure operational improvement.


BW/4HANA Migrations

SeaPark is among a small number of consultancies globally who will advise you appropriately in the important area of BW to BW/4HANA migrations. We'll offer detail into the complexities involved - but more importantly we'll guide you by offering insights into the most efficient and effective approaches specific to your situation, priorities and objectives.

BI Support Operating Model Review

We review existing business intelligence supporting operating models in place within your company, highlighting current challenges and areas where there is opportunity for process improvement.

BI Schedule Review

Getting the right data at the right time to the right business user for a global solution; this is one of the main challenges of a business intelligence support team. It is of utmost importance that a review of the existing schedule is done in order to propose areas of  improvement.


An archiving solution goes hand in hand with a business intelligence solution. To reduce IT costs along with faster BI report execution, it is important that an NLS solution is deployed. We intend to review your archiving requirements and deployment requirements to develop a low cost solution.

BI Statistics

The majority of BI solutions have over 500 plus BI reports and to support each of these reports cost money each year. Many of these reports are produced for the sake of reporting and are not used.  Our solution is to produce statistic dashboards on an adhoc basis to review which BI reports and underlying data flows are not being used and can be potentially be decommissioned.

BI Service Integrator

External support partners require co-ordination, collaboration and integration into the client’s BI support operation model to succeed. We want to provide a service to manage supplier performance, ensuring the external supplier is meeting their contractual obligations and facilitate the delivery of the BI support service.

BI Project Management

We intend to provide BI project management services, from minor enhancements to large scale BI deployments.


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