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BW/4HANA ADSO Compatibility View

Previous blogs have highlighted the complexity and challenges of migrating a SAP BW system to a SAP BW/4HANA system along with the substantial effort that this requires.

In this blog, I’ll detail a concern that is always highlighted to me when it comes to the migration of DSO objects to ADSO objects using the BW/4HANA migration toolbox (RSB4HTRF).

Let’s take the scenario that the client has chosen an in-place migration and the strategy is to divide the migration of the data flows into separate work packages (let’s say 5 dataflows per package) and to migrate and deploy one package at a time (i.e. migrate only 5 dataflows at a time in Development all the way to Production).

The concern is that when a DSO in a data flow has been migrated to ADSO and another dataflow is looking up the data (during data extraction) in the active table (for the DSO that has been migrated) then this active table will not exist any more as the active table technical name for a DSO and ADSO is different, so this will cause the data look up to fail – correct?

The answer is yes and no!

If we take the example below - the DSO active table before the migration is /BIC/AYCA01T0100 and after the migration is /BIC/AYCA01T012. So, yes the active table technical name does change.

But the BW/4HANA migration toolbox (RSB4HTRF) will generate a view with the same technical name as the previous active table of the DSO object (in this case /BIC/AYCA01T0100) which will be based off the new active table /BIC/AYCA01T012. So, no impact on any DSO active data table look ups.

Before Migration

After Migration

Please note, if you create a new ADSO through SAP HANA studio, this compatibility view will not be created. It is only created when a DSO is migrated to ADSO object via the BW/4HANA migration toolbox (RSB4HTRF).

To conclude, the BW/4HANA migration toolbox (RSB4HTRF) will generate a compatibility view with the same technical name as the previous DSO active table and this ensures that no data extraction look ups on ADSO active tables (that have been migrated) will fail.

Dónal Geraghty operates SeaPark Consultancy. SeaPark offer bespoke SAP BW/4HANA migration support and solutions. We work with your existing on-site team & external vendors to optimise BI operating processes and ensure the highest levels of ROI.

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