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Our BW Decommissioning Discovery Tool


Keeping your SAP BW environment clean and organized with up-to-date reports and dashboards is a difficult and time-consuming task. SAP and third-party BI tools generate an immense amount of artifacts that can quickly clutter your landscape. Unused and outdated objects in the system lead to confusion and frustration within user and IT support communities.


On Average 50% of a BW system is not utilised. We know this through our execution of SeaParks DECOM4 tool (BW Rapid discover tool) for our clients.

The D-TWO tool automatically discovers all the objects (over 20 different object types) which can be decommissioned.


D-TWO is a cost-effective solution that allows SAP Clients to determine automatically what objects can be decommissioned without manual error. 


Executing the decommission process using D-TWO can take several weeks (depending on the size of the BW solution) compared to months doing this activity manually.


Want to learn more about VAL4?

Have questions? Arrange your complimentary DECOM4 consultation and let one of our skilled team members guide you through the process.

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