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VAL4 3.x

7.x Migration testing tool


Upgrading BW dataflows from BW 3.x to BW 7.x is a complicated and time-consuming process made even more complex by the large amount of data and structures from the existing BW objects being transferred to the 7.x compatible objects. Most SAP BW customers have unknown to them built up a large repository of 3.x objects that need to be converted to 7.x

When you convert a data flow from BW 3.x to 7.x, you need to monitor the pre and post snapshot of master data, transactional data and metadata. This makes for a daunting task. Not only do you need to take snapshots before and after all conversions, but you must test each one as well. The conversion toolbox impacts many areas: process chains, process chain variants, data target structures etc.

VAL4 3.x saves businesses valuable time and money by having a pre-defined testing strategy in one tool. It reduces 3.x migration testing by 20% to 30%. VAL4 3.x performs most of the heavy lifting for you with a hands-free data validation process that requires no guidance from a developer.

Once the migration process is completed, the VAL4 3.x documents can be stored and referenced for future SAP audits of the BW system landscape. A huge advantage when you are dealing with large SAP business intelligence solutions.


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