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Renovate your BW system quickly and efficiently


Keeping your SAP BW environment clean and organized with up-to-date reports and dashboards is a difficult and time-consuming task. SAP and third-party BI tools generate an immense amount of artifacts that can quickly clutter your landscape. Unused and outdated objects in the system lead to confusion and frustration within user and IT support communities. That’s why we created DECOM4, a BW solution that exhaustively searches through your environment to find and highlight orphaned objects.


It is a smart and accurate way of determining which objects no longer serve a purpose in your SAP system. You will save lots of time and resources by focusing on what is truly necessary for your business's functioning and removing unnecessary objects from your system. DECOM4 will reduce your BW footprint and substantially reduce the cost to deploy your BW solution on to the cloud.


DECOM4 utilizes a number of system generated reports and BW statistics to provide a comprehensive documentation of the state of all your BW objects in one convenient infographic. As part of its documentation process, DECOM4 automatically highlights the BW objects that are either not loaded, have no data, or have no end user executions. This makes it easy for you to decide which data is essential and which is no longer required.


Through the use of DECOM4, we can easily create a decommissioning plan and develop a strategy for your business based on your needs. DECOM4 is ideal for achieving a smooth transition to BW/4HANA or SAP Datasphere and moving ahead with the necessary steps in your Transformation.

Have questions? Arrange your complimentary DECOM4 consultation and let one of our skilled team members guide you through the process.

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