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For us, it’s always been about you

Your dedication to your business is what inspires us to deliver innovative solutions every day

At SeaPark, our people-first consultancy prides itself on the relationships we’ve established and maintained with our clients and partners. All companies have a vision, but it takes a true partner with a dedication to your success to live up to that vision every day. That’s why our SeaPark teams are committed to working with you to create an environment where your business can grow and thrive.


We evaluate your business intelligence and reporting to give you a better understanding of your data. We then help you to streamline your digital transformation in order to save you time and money and ensure that there are no risks involved. Our automated testing tools have been designed to automate the Transformation process, taking away the hassle of running through tedious tests manually.


Our CEO, Donal Geraghty, leveraged his years as a business intelligence consultant to launch SeaPark Consultancy in 2015. Donal's experience taught him something very important: most business intelligence teams are too busy with day-to-day tasks to really keep on top of ways they can optimize their work. For this reason, he built SeaParks driven by the vision of automation. Maximizing efficiency means not only maximizing the use of resources, but also making processes easier for business owners. That's why SeaParks offers a host of automated tools that help businesses to manage their digital transformation more efficiently.


Our daily work is making a difference in the lives of thousands of business owners and our client base reaches from the East coast of America to Denmark, Ireland, UK, Germany, and France. As a result, our global reputation is growing with each project as our team provides expert advice on digital transformations. We are prepared to support your organization's digital transformation initiative through expertise, top-notch software development, innovative cloud solutions and powerful client management. We are trusted advisors with the track record to prove it.


Over the last several years, we at Seapark have been listening to our clients and what we have heard is a need for our clients to leverage the power of the cloud. Therefore, we have established a new division at Seapark to do just that! Our team of Solution Architects have been AWS certified to help guide you through the process of running BI solutions in the cloud, ensuring your enterprise remains agile and innovative while reducing costs.

Our Core Principles




Long term relationships built up over many years of working together




Efficient, technical and analytical employees who are willing to support the client.




Applying the Japanese manufacturing principle to BI, helping to improve daily activities




The satisfactory delivery of our solutions is what builds relationships

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