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Our accurate and efficient automated testing solution for SAP BW to BW/4HANA or SAP Datasphere Transformation


With the announcement of Datasphere by SAP, existing BW customers are left uncertain of how to leverage their BW investment which could be over 20 years of development.

SeaPark have developed TunnelSphere for SAP BW Customers to provide some light at the end of the SAP BW Tunnel!

SAP Datasphere.png

The main concerns from SAP BW customers when migrating from SAP BW to SAP Datasphere – BW Bridge are:

  • What is the detailed level BW scope involved in the migration?

  • Are all object types in my detailed scope supported by SAP Datasphere?

  • What is the cost and effort of the migration to SAP Datasphere?

  • What is the timeline of the migration to SAP Datasphere?

TunnelSphere has been developed to answer all these questions. The starting point is the output of SeaPark’s DECOM4 tool (BW Rapid Discover Tool). DECOM4 will determine what Multiproviders and Composite Providers are used on a BW customers system.

These used Multiproviders and Composite Providers are the starting point for TunnelSphere. The TunnelSphere engine will determine all dependent objects which covers more than 30 BW object types.

The output of TunnelSphere will provide the BW customer with a detailed overview of all objects in scope, if all objects in the detailed scope are supported by SAP Datasphere and finally the migration cost, effort and timeline involved in migration from SAP BW to Datasphere – BW Bridge allowing some light to the SAP BW Customer at the end of a very dark tunnel!

Have questions? Arrange your complimentary DECOM4 consultation and let one of our skilled team members guide you through the process.

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