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About Us


SeaPark is people-led. Our results in optimising business intelligence solutions have been grounded in developing great relationships with on-site teams and external vendors with a firm focus on delivering maximum return on time, human and financial investment.

The result?

Daily we're helping clients implement an optimal BW/4HANA solution by identifying inefficient business intelligence reporting, streamlining BW/4HANA migration and automating the testing process of the BW/4HANA migration using our VAL4 automated testing tool.


Our Principles

Long term relationships built up over many years of working together


Efficient, technical and analytical employees who are willing to support the client.



Applying the Japanese manufacturing principle to BI, helping to improve daily activities

In 6 months over 200 changes delivered; the satisfactory delivery of our solutions is what builds relationships


Low cost  resourcing models are provided, whilst still maintaining high quality for our customers


Our Story


Led by CEO Donal Geraghty SeaPark was established in Dundalk in 2015 


Check out our story so far to see where we've been and where we're going...


The Beginning

Early Days

An experienced person in the world of SAP and BI, Dónal has spent the last 20 years working with major companies such as Accenture, EDF Energy, IBM, GSK and Shell in SAP Business Intelligence roles.


His time working as a SAP BI consultant  taught him that most BI teams are so busy with their day to day activities that not enough time is spent on optimising the team. Seapark Consultancy intends to address this issue in the market.

Aside from addressing the optimisation of a BI support team, SeaPark Consultancy developed a suite of services including BI Scheduling, NLS, BI Statistics, BI Service Integrator, Scrum Project Management.

We're engaging with a large number of SAP BI sites to review the common challenges and areas for improvement within the SAP BI solution from a technical and process perspective. We are also aiming to gain more company exposure through existing relationships made in past work and through social media, predominantly LinkedIn documents.

Recent Days


In March 2018, Seapark consultancy was one of the first consultancies to start working with SAP development team in Walldorf on a pilot in-place conversion project for a leading pharmaceuticals company.


September 2018 seen Seapark Consultancy being upgraded to become a SAP Partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program, through which it will provide consultancy on BW/4HANA migration and solutions. Through this engagement, Seapark consultancy can provide a complete solution that encompasses all elements required for a successful migration, implementation and support of a BW/4HANA solution.


In December 2018, VAL4 was released. This tool is designed in analysis for office (SAP AO) to automate the testing for any in-place conversion of a BW dataflow using SAP’s conversion toolbox (RSB4HTRF). It reduces in-place conversion testing by 40% to 60%.

In December 2019, DECOM4 was released. DECOM4 is a rapid discover tool that guides SAP BW clients who are preparing for a migration to BW/4HANA or who simply want to clean up their BW system. DECOM4 is highlighting that our clients do not require approx. 40% of their existing BW system!!


These Days


2020: In Jan 2020 SeaPark Consultancy open their office in the Regional Development Centre (RDC) in Dundalk Co.Louth. SeaPark Consultancy works very closely with the Information & Technology Department in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) & has recruited three graduates with plans for an additional four graduate hires in mid-2021.

In April 2020, SeaPark received a business expansion grant from the Local Enterprise Office in Louth.


This Project was supported by the Local Enterprise Office Louth through co-funding from the Irish Government and the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.   


The project contributes to the SME support, promotion and capability development theme of the ERDF co-funded programme

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The Coming Days

Our global reputation is being enhanced daily by our work and subject-matter expertise in SAP BW/4HANA migration. More and more BI staff are becoming aware of the migration implications and of the real need to take action sooner rather than later. In addition to our work in the area of SAP BW/4HANA migrations our people are also engaged daily in BI scheduling, Scrum Project management and Decommissioning requirements. SeaPark also provides IT graduates in order to deliver analytical, technically efficient and low cost projects.

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