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SAP BW - The End (unless you’re on BW 7.5 😊)!!

Did you know that the support maintenance for all SAP BW solutions (except BW 7.5) ended on the 31st December 2020??

What’s the upshot of this?

If you’re on a SAP BW solution (except BW 7.5), you’ve the following options:

  1. Upgrade to BW 7.5 Solution (the support maintenance will end in Dec 2027).

  2. Extended Maintenance – is an optional offering with additional fees and support agreements required

  3. Migrate to BW/4HANA solution (SAP’s new Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) solution).

All options have their merits; but what can you do to future-proof yourself?

Primarily, it’s important to start reviewing your BW roadmap now with a clear plan for the next few years.

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn and understand the options available; we work alongside our clients to help them navigate any issues by focusing on your individual and specific requirements – with an approach grounded in process and partnership we inevitably arrive at the most successful outcome.

So for BW - The end is nigh (unless you’re on BW 7.5 😊)!

You may be incredibly busy right now & this may well be the last thing you want on your desk – but action now means less pain later. Action now means understanding what you’re up against, what your biggest challenges are, what happens if you do nothing and the strategic implications of any decision.

Would it be a bad idea for us to have a conversation soon?

Let’s connect on Linkedin.

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