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Analogy of a House Move: 3 ways to embrace SAP S/4HANA

Author: Duncan Prior, VP Capgemini. The S/4HANA Analogy below is identical for BW/4HANA “How do we do it?” is one question in the decision about your SAP R/3-ECC system. Do you start again with a fresh implementation, or simply convert, or adopt a middle option? It’s not easy to answer, especially as you tackle the other related topics such as “what’s the value?” However, there is a simple analogy – a house move – which explains helps to explain the challenge. What to do with the family house? You bought a property several years ago. It seemed to be the right option at the time even though it needed a bit more work than you had budgeted for. And over the years, some design errors have come t

3.x to 7.x Migration

BW/4HANA Migration preparation requires either a decommission of 3.x objects or a migration of 3.x to 7.x (and then a migration to BW/4HANA object types). Short video by Conor Clarke on migrating a 3.x master data flow to 7.x.

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