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DECOM4 - SAP BW - A New Hope

A recurring, and often frustrating, challenge that SAP BW customers encounter is an easy discovery of BW objects that are no longer required for their BI solution.

You’ll know, I’m sure, that identifying unwanted BW objects can be a time-consuming activity.

To support your efforts SeaPark Consultancy has developed DECOM4.

DECOM4 guides SAP BW clients who are preparing for a migration to BW/4HANA or who simply want to clean up their BW system. Our insights and experiences suggest that most SAP BW clients do not require approx. 40% of their existing BW system.

Right now SeaPark is involved in several BW to BW/4HANA migrations; the evolution of DECOM4 is rooted in our experiences preparing BW systems for these BW/4HANA migrations.

DECOM4 reviews your entire BW system using a number of system generated reports along with BW statistics. From here DECOM4 automatically highlights the BW objects that are either are not loaded, have no data or have no end user executions.

DECOM4 report output allows you to easily produce a decommissioning plan and renovate your BW system without having to manually identify what BW objects are surplus to requirement.

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn about the “BW/4HANA migration problem” by guiding & navigating them through the primary issues; our approach is to focus on your individual and specific requirements and work with alongside you to achieve the most successful outcome.

Assuming BW/4HANA migration is on your mind right now, would it be difficult for us to have a conversation soon?

Let’s connect on Linkedin.

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