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Business Intelligence Data Load Monitoring

This article will cover data load monitoring for a business intelligence global solution. I completed a recent business intelligence survey of 20 clients where 45% of these clients had a dedicated data load monitoring (DLM) team and 35% had a 24 * 7 data load monitoring coverage. Driver for a dedicated data load monitoring (DLM) team My experience of a global business intelligence solution where no DLM team was in place for a client was that both the data load failures where not picked up in sufficient time which impacted data availability for the BI reports and the productivity of the business intelligence support team (level 2 / 3) was impacted due to them monitoring the data loads – basic

BW HANA - BI Reporting Performance Benefits

I recently done a review of several client sites that have done a technical upgrade to a HANA DB. This article will cover how to create a BI statistics query for report performance and calculate the report performance benefits of a HANA DB upgrade. I’ve recently done a business intelligence survey of 20 clients sites and 45% have already done a DB upgrade to HANA and 80% of these will complete the upgrade by 2020. The first step is to create a custom query on the Front-End and OLAP Statistics (Highly Aggregated) (0TCT_MCA1) multiprovider. Please note that this only holds statistics on BI queries built in query designer (for example BO Webi reports are not included). The following are the st

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