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What is BW Bridge (within Data Warehouse Cloud)?!

What is BW Bridge?!

SAP BW bridge offers customers the opportunity to implement BW dataflow functionality (ODP -> Transformation (including ABAP logic) -> ADSO -> Composite Provider) that can be exposed into Data Warehouse Cloud.

SAP BW bridge is primarily intended for ODP-based source systems. Non-SAP sources (for example flat file) will be connected directly to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

One way of looking at the BW Bridge is that it’s a BW system in the cloud that has a subset of functionality that exists on a BW 7.5 solution.

The following is a list of limitations for the BW Bridge (as per OSS note 3117800 - Information Restrictions Note for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW Bridge – version 15; release date 15-Dec-2021):

  • Application development is not supported in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW bridge. Any app building should be done "natively" using the SAP BTP app building on SAP HANA, for that customers need to license and use the stand-alone version of SAP BTP.

  • Customer do not have the option to connect with SAP GUI to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW bridge.

  • Connection scenarios are limited to ODP source systems only.

  • Queries are not supported.

  • No support for the OLAP engine and functionality dependent on the OLAP engine, e.g., analysis authorizations, query as InfoProvider, query execution.

  • The generation of External SAP HANA Views is not supported.

  • Planning is not available in SAP BW bridge. Therefore, SAP positions SAP Analytics Cloud Planning as the SAP Planning Application and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as the Planning foundation for the data. SAP Analytics Cloud Planning is the strategic direction for planning. Also, as highlighted already at Sapphire, future releases will make SAP Data Warehouse Cloud the foundation for SAP's planning solutions.

  • In SAP BW bridge, add-ons (such as BCS, DSiM, TPM, …) are not supported. The use of SEM-BCS or BCS/4HANA is not supported in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – explore other solutions like SAP Group Reporting instead.

  • For DataStore objects, cold store and DTO handling are not supported.

  • For Composite Providers, temporal joins are not supported.

  • For DTPs, variables as selection criteria are not supported.

  • The following process types are not supported in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW bridge:


Over time, some (if not all) of the above functionality will be incorporated into the BW Bridge.

The following is a high-level Architecture of SAP BW Bridge and the integration into Data Warehouse Cloud via remote tables.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll produce several blogs on each element of the above BW Bridge architecture diagram.

If you or your colleagues have further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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