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Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) in SAP BW

This article covers good housekeeping principles specifically related to a SAP business warehouse solution. Deploying housekeeping activities to a business intelligence solution ensures that the solution can run to the optimum level. The article will cover several aspects of housekeeping from PSA deletion to storing data in near line storage. Prerequisites Aspects of this article will cover housekeeping of a SAP BW solution deployed using the layered scalable architecture (LSA). The following is an excellent blog on this topic: Nearline Storage (NLS) In this section, we look at Near-

Global Data Extraction Schedule for Business Intelligence

Global Data Extraction Schedule for Business Intelligence A successful global business intelligence solution requires a data extraction schedule to meet the business demands of a global user base – “Get the right data to the right users at the right time”. This article will cover the last element of this statement – “right time”. Each client will have their own customised scheduling requirements - data to be refreshed every hour, every 2 hours, daily, weekly etc. This article will cover the requirement for getting ‘day minus 1 data’ to a global business user base by 9am local time for all business users. The concept of ‘day minus 1 data’ refers to the point that the BI report will be refres

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