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Banking & Pharma…how BIG DATA is linking these industry giants.

'Simply having a strategy is not enough, the power and value of strategy comes from its implementation, even when the strategy is grounded in non-absolute terms or general directions’. In the first of a series of strategy articles, we’ll investigate how two industry giants, ‘Banking’ and ‘Big Pharma’, faced with similar regulation challenges, could offer shared growth prospects in the domain of BIGDATA. Within the Life Sciences industry, Biotech/Pharmaceutical firms are witnessing significant levels of change, analogous with that of an ‘industrial revolution’. The global banking industry is also faced with rebuilding the reputational and fiscal challenges of the past and moving forward. Let’

Parent Child Incident Management for Business Intelligence

The following article covers the parent child incident management for a business intelligence support model and highlights the benefit of deploying this process in to a support model. This process can be embedded into a support model that has at least two tiers of support (level 1 and level 2 support). As per my previous article on BI two tier support model, I believe having two tiers is the ideal number for a business intelligence support model. If all levels of support are managed by the same team, the benefit of having a parent child incident management process is reduced. Benefit is achieved when for example Level 1 is owned by Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence (also known as th

BI in the Modern World

The last two decades have spawned a revolution in technology. This is the age where a 2-year old can use a tablet with ease and 94-year olds have Facebook profiles. When we use our favourite bit of ‘technology’, be it unlocking our phone to use an app, opening our favourite or most useful website, swiping our travel pass that uses NFC, we all expect a certain standard of product, and a minimum level of functionality. What we also demand is that the product evolve to our ever changing needs, and flaws in the product, be it due to functionality or usability, are removed or else face being consigned to the bin as a competitor takes over. Use Google to find an image of the original eBay website.

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