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BW/4HANA Migration - Take Control of your own future!

Do you ever wonder why so many people and organisations take prefer to ignore potential problems rather than solve them in their infancy? The challenging situation facing the HSE(Health Service Executive in Ireland) is an example of what can happen without a proactive approach. A failure occurred in upgrading PC’s from Windows 7 to the newer versions; despite repeated warning from Microsoft that Windows 7 would not be supported after January 2020 . The failure to address and resolve this issue has left the HSE possibly facing a bill north of €2 million!! Similarly, it's important that companies are proactive at migrating from BW to BW/4HANA to avoid unintended consequences. What plans and

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Scheduled to go live in November 2012 National Grid USA, a utility company serving gas and electric customers in New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, were engaged in a SAP project already running 3 years yet marred in budget overruns and delays already. Failure to go live would mean a further delay and additional spending. They decided to go ahead with the roll-out. Although I’m sure they foreseen hurdles, they just couldn’t have guessed how challenging they were going to be. The story did not progress well for National Grid USA. The new system miscalculated time, pay rates, and reimbursements. Consequently employees were paid too much, too little, or nothing at all, and vendor invoice

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