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BW/4HANA Migration - Take Control of your own future!

Do you ever wonder why so many people and organisations take prefer to ignore potential problems rather than solve them in their infancy?

The challenging situation facing the HSE(Health Service Executive in Ireland) is an example of what can happen without a proactive approach.

A failure occurred in upgrading PC’s from Windows 7 to the newer versions; despite repeated warning from Microsoft that Windows 7 would not be supported after January 2020

. The failure to address and resolve this issue has left the HSE possibly facing a bill north of €2 million!!

Similarly, it's important that companies are proactive at migrating from BW to BW/4HANA to avoid unintended consequences.

What plans and foundations has your company in train??

Although December 2027 seems far away (SAP have announced support for BW 7.5 will end on that date), a proactive approach to solving this issue now can both avoid the pain of a looming deadline while letting you access the benefits of the BW/4HANA system sooner.

How long would you think is optimal for a full and successful planning implementation and go live migration process??

Are there lessons to be learned from the example of the HSE? That case suggests that there’s never a better time to create a better future than now?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn about the “BW/4HANA migration problem” by guiding & navigating them through the primary issues; our approach is to focus on your individual and specific requirements and work with alongside you to achieve the most successful outcome.

Assuming BW/4HANA migration is on your mind right now, would it be difficult for us to have a conversation soon?

Let’s Connect today on LinkedIn.

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