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Minor Enhancement Process for BI Solutions

This article will cover the integration of a business intelligence (BI) minor enhancement process into a BI support team. The definition between a break fix and minor enhancement in a BI solution is always a grey area. From a business user’s perspective, if a BI report is not showing the expected results then this is a break fix. If the issue raised by the business user is consistent between the technical definition in the BI solution and the BI documentation, then from a BI support team’s perspective this is an enhancement and not the responsibility of the support team. Obviously, this difference of opinion causes tension, extreme frustration and in the end the BI report usage is impacted.

BW HANA - BI Data Extraction Benefits

I recently done a review of several client sites that have done a technical upgrade to a HANA DB. This is a follow on from the benefits of HANA report performance article and will cover the data extraction performance improvements of a HANA DB upgrade. This business intelligence survey covered 20 SAP client’s sites which 45% have already done a DB upgrade to HANA and 80% of these will complete the upgrade by 2020. Infopackage & ODP Extraction The first observation is that by only upgrading BW on to a HANA DB will not improve the performance of the infopackage extraction from a source system. For example, the GL Line item (0FI_GL_14) data extraction from ECC pre-HANA DB upgrade extracted 2.1

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