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SAP BW - “What’s another Year”

“What’s another Year” a song made famous by Johnny Logan as he strode to victory in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest.

In terms of SAP BW, in one years’ time (December 2020) all support maintenance for all SAP BW solutions except for BW 7.5 will end.

If you’re on a SAP BW solution (except for BW 7.5), you’ve two options:

1. Upgrade to BW 7.5 Solution (the support maintenance will end in Dec 2024).


2. Migrate to BW/4HANA solution (SAP’s new Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) solution).

Whatever option you go with, you potentially need to start reviewing your BW roadmap in Q1 2020 with a clear plan for the next few years.

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn about the “BW/4HANA migration problem” through guiding & helping them navigate the issue through focusing on their individual and specific requirements and working towards the most successful outcome.

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