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SAP Data Unleashed 2024: The Future is Data-Driven

Every March, SAP hosts its highly anticipated annual event, SAP Data Unleashed. This event serves as a platform to unveil a host of innovative analytical features and services. Notably, last year's event introduced SAP Datasphere, marking a significant milestone as it launched SAP customers into the realm of cloud-based data modelling. Now that the dust has settled on this year's event let's review from a high level the five main takeaways from SAP Data Unleashed 2024.

1.       Business Data Fabric

During this event, SAP emphasized the critical significance of the "Business" Data Fabric, transcending conventional notions associated with a data fabric. This innovative approach not only simplifies intricate data landscapes and ensures the delivery of actionable insights to all stakeholders but also preserves the inherent business logic and application context of the data. Consequently, it eliminates the arduous task of reconstructing or reinstating this context lost during data extraction or replication processes. This preservation of context is pivotal as it expedites decision-making processes and instils greater confidence and trust in the integrity of the data no matter the source.

2. SAP Analytics Cloud Compass

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective operational and financial planning requires proactive risk mitigation. With SAP Analytics Cloud Compass' advanced Monte Carlo simulation capabilities, businesses can now conduct real-time simulations effortlessly. This user-friendly feature enables seamless navigation without the need for complex IT setup or specialized statistical skills, empowering organizations to anticipate and address risks promptly, thus enhancing decision-making agility and resilience.

Compass will be available from the end of Q3 2024.

3. SAP Datasphere Knowledge Graph

The Datasphere Knowledge Graph is an innovative addition to Datasphere, designed to enhance organizations' understanding of their data usage patterns. By automatically identifying and leveraging data usage patterns, organizations can harness their data more effectively. What sets Knowledge Graph apart is its seamless integration with SAP Datasphere as the graph it automatically generated when data is onboarded, transformed and integrated. This feature aligns with SAP's strategic move towards AI integration. Knowledge graphs provide essential context to large language models, enabling the unleashing of AI power for addressing complex queries. As showcased during the Unleashed event, queries like "What type of campaign for mountain bikes works best for my highest performing cities with a population over 1 million" can now be effortlessly answered with the assistance of SAP's new generative AI Co-Pilot, Joule.

4. AI Co-Pilot a.k.a Joule

Joule, SAP's cutting-edge AI Co-Pilot, is dedicated to maximizing customer value from data assets. Equipped with multifaceted capabilities, Joule excels in data discovery, dashboard creation, planning maintenance, and beyond. Leveraging the prowess of natural language processing, Joule facilitates seamless interaction between end-users and their data, ushering in a new era of intuitive data exploration. Excitingly, a sneak peek of Joule within SAP Analytics Cloud is slated for availability in Q2 2024, promising enhanced data-driven decision-making experiences for users.

5. The Ever-Expanding Data Platform

Data Catalog coupled with; Data Products facilitates self-service access to data. Data consumers can now easily explore, understand and activate the data needed to perform their day-to-day tasks, while data providers can now publish their assets quickly and easily for data consumers. Over the coming months/years, this area of Datasphere has massive growth potential as we see new and emerging data products/providers publishing to this platform.

If you or your colleagues have further questions or queries and would like to understand more about Datasphere please feel free to contact us at Live Demo Appointments can be arranged upon request allowing you to see the capabilities of SAP Datasphere.


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