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A smooth landing

Successful data gathering, and how that data is leveraged is key to any modern business. Surely it makes sense to ensure the data that is stored is both accurate and can be accessed and understood in a convenient manner?

Back in 2013 Target, the US supermarket giant, discovered this first-hand when they attempted to expand their business across the border into Canada.

This venture was a painful one. Their ERP system collapsed under the new data; data often being entered by hand by new employees with no training led to a myriad of errors.

Possibly an interesting parallel to SAP BW/4HANA migration?

How important is a smooth migration to your business?

Would it be wise to plot out the possible effects of failing to migrate before support is ended for SAP BW in 2020 (except for BW 7.5)?

More and more companies and organisations are reaching out to us wanting to know more about the best approach to plotting and planning their BW to BW/4HANA migration.

Why wait for BW/4HANA migration issues; would you be against connecting and kicking off a conversation?

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