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BW/4HANA – “Come out of your ‘Shell’ and don’t go ‘Remote’”!!

In the last few weeks, SeaPark Consultancy has been evaluating BW to BW/4HANA migration options for a SAP customer.

The following is the SAP Customer scenario: • BW 7.4 with a DB2 DB. • SAP BW landscape with 3 BW systems – Development, test, Production. • BW production system size of 1.3 TB. • BW source systems is low.

As the BW system is not on BW 7.5 then an In-Place migration is not possible.

This leaves two BW/4HANA migration options for this SAP customer which is either a (i) Shell or (ii) a Remote migration.

For a remote migration, this concept requires the migration of the dataflows that is in scope to be migrated three times (one for each system in the BW landscape) which includes request management information along with the data in each data target for all remote migrations.

For the Shell migration, this concept only requires the migration of the dataflows in scope once (from BW Production -> BW/4HANA Development). Then this scope is transported from BW/4HANA development through the BW/4HANA landscape to production.

Since the dataflow scope and the data that needs to be reload is low to medium size then Shell is the ideal migration approach.

If a client has a large dataflow scope along with a sizable dataset only then should remote be considered. Another consideration is the number of source systems to reload the data from, is the data still available on these source systems and will the reload require a substantial amount of effort to fix underlying data issues. If this is the case, then remote should be considered.

To conclude for small BW systems with a low number of source systems with few data extraction issues then “Come out of your ‘Shell’ and don’t go ‘Remote’”!!

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn about the “BW/4HANA migration problem” through guiding & helping them navigate the issue through focusing on their individual and specific requirements and working towards the most successful outcome.

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