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At Last – A Readable BW/4HANA Readiness Check Report!

The migration from BW to BW/4HANA is an extremely complex and lengthy process which impacts a high volume of objects on your existing BW system due to the issue of several BW object types (Infocubes, DSO’s, Multiproviders) not supported on the BW/4HANA solution.

In the past, SAP provide a check program (RS_B4HANA_CONVERSION_CONTROL) that was triggered via the BW/4 Transfer Cockpit (RSB4HCONV).

The output of this check program was very unstructured, had no clear sequence of the required migration activities and extremely difficult to review and analysis. The below screen shot highlights this point!

SAP have developed a new BW/4HANA readiness check report – RS_B4HANA_RC (program) which can be executed for both In-Place and Remote migrations.

Can you see from the screen shot below how the migration process steps are clearly documented into several migration steps?

Then within each migration step, there is a section for each object type.

If you highlight one of the object types, for example aggregation level – it highlights all the aggregation levels that need to be reviewed on the right-hand side panel along with the associated SAP OSS note.

SAP development have told me that in the coming months RS_B4HANA_RC program will replace RS_B4HANA_CONVERSION_CONTROL program in the BW/4 Transfer Cockpit (RSB4HCONV).

If you want to execute this new BW/4HANA readiness program now, you just need to install OSS note 2777672 - Revision 11_ new check tool.

Once you review the output of the RS_B4HANA_RC readiness check program, I think you will agree that, at last, we have A BW/4HANA Readiness Check Report that is readable!

When you get to apply the Check Report in your own environment, I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and any advice you’d have for other users in the future.

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn about the “BW/4HANA migration problem” through guiding & helping them navigate the issue through focusing on their individual and specific requirements and working towards the most successful outcome.

Would it be difficult for us to have a conversation soon?

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