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BW/4HANA Remote Migration - Golden Nuggets

You’ll know from previous SeaPark blogs that the migration from BW to BW/4HANA is a complex and time-consuming process.

Crucially, it requires a certain skill-set to ensure that the migration is successful.

It’s generally accepted that the most complex of the BW to BW/4HANA migration types is the Remote migration. This is due to the migration of BW object type structures, request management information along with the underlying data-set.

In this regard we strive to bring you insights and not just information – valuable and actionable takeaways that will make a tangible difference to you and the outcomes you desire.

Here’s some “golden nuggets” of insight that is applicable for a BW/4HANA remote conversion.

Migration Packages

  • Make sure there is only one active migration package in the BW/4HANA system at a time.

  • In case the active package failed, and you need to run a new package then do not deactivate the active package manually.

  • Use the Troubleshoot option to deactivate the active package (that failed)

  • Note - The migration package creates temp tables, jobs etc on source and target systems which gets deleted only if you use the troubleshooting option.

Inactive/Unnecessary Objects

  • Check your dataflows before starting the migration for inactive and unnecessary objects. These objects will be collected by the migration tool automatically. Delete such objects or activate them if required before starting the migration.

System Generated Includes

  • Make sure that system generated includes (i.e. includes generated during 3.x to 7.x migration) are available in BW/4HANA system (target). These systems generated includes are not collected in the migration scope by default.

Dependent Lookup DSO

  • Check the migration list to ensure that all of DSOs which are used in transformation lookups are present in the same migration scope or already migrated to BW/4HANA system (target).

  • If you miss any lookup DSO’s, it will cause a failure in the activation of the transformations in the BW/HANA system (target).

Transport errors - Check Objects

  • Don’t proceed without fixing import errors/warnings by checking inactive objects – for example an inactive transformation will cause a failure in generating a new DSO which is a replacement for the existing PSA.

RSRV - Analysis and Repair of BW Objects

  • Run RSRV checks before starting the Data migration. Resolve all issues (don’t skip!).

Infopackage & DTP routines

  • Ensure all Infopackage and DTP Routines were imported properly. Not all routines get imported and you need to maintain them manually in the BW/4HANA system (target).


  • Use the APD migration tool to migrate APDs. The tool will not be able to generate new data flows for complex APD routines (and for some scenarios for simple routines as well).

  • You’ll need to manually create the necessary objects and then add them in to the process chain (replacement for APD).

Data Migration Failure

  1. If any data migration fails in Start Migration step, then check the logs and correct the issue.

  2. Then reset the failed table status using the program “CNVLTRL_SET_TASK_TODO”.

  3. Use this program only after analysing the issue properly as this may result in resetting the status of other tables which are already migrated.

Master Data Delta’s

  • Identify delta DTPs in master data flows in the BW system (source) and change it to full wherever you can as this Delta DTPs will generate ADSOs which might not be required in the master data flows.

Infopackage migration to DTP

  • When delta info packages with a mandatory filter are migrated to DTP, delta IP filters will not get migrated in the DTP and you need to manually maintain this in the BW/4HANA system (target).

  • Error after migration :

How were those nuggets? Useful?.

At SeaPark Consultancy, we’re helping clients learn about the “BW/4HANA migration problem” through guiding & helping them navigate the issue through focusing on their individual and specific requirements and working towards the most successful outcome.

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