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SAP BW/4HANA conversion - New ABAP Code Scan Report

SAP have released a new ABAP code scan program (RS_B4HANA_LOG_DISPLAY) for SAP BW customers who are migrating to BW/4HANA. This code scan program is applicable for In place, Remote and Shell migrations.

Before migrating your BW system to BW/4HANA, it is recommended to check if you have unsupported objects in any of your ABAP Custom code. For example, a transformation routine referring to a Fact table of an Infocube. The routine must then be adapted before the migration to BW/4HANA.

The new code scanner program RS_B4HANA_LOG_DISPLAY is available on OSS note 2876024 - Revision 12 – CODESCAN (please note there are pre and post manual steps that need to be executed as part of this OSS note).

To be able to use the new code scan tool, execute the program RS_B4HANA_LOG_DISPLAY in transaction SE38.

You have the following options in the selection screen:

Affected Objects: Choose this option if you want to view the result as a list of objects that are affected with the usage of Unsupported Objects. The result list contains objects that maybe directly referring to an unsupported objects (or) to an object that in turn uses an unsupported object. The following are the Sub-options:

  • Directly Affected Objects: Objects that are directly referring to an unsupported object. For example, if a Function Module is directly using an unsupported data element, we see the Function Module in the list.

  • Top-Level Objects: Root nodes or the topmost objects in the hierarchy that in turn refer to an affected or unsupported objects. You can choose to see BW Objects (DTP, Transformation) or ABAP objects(Programs, Function Modules) in this list. For example, a DTP routine is calling a Function Module that in turn uses an unsupported data element. We see only the DTP in the Top-Level object.

  • All Objects: List of all objects that are referring to an unsupported object somewhere in the call hierarchy. For example, a DTP routine is calling a Function Module that in turn uses unsupported data element. We see both DTP and Function Module in this option.

Unsupported objects still used: Choose this option if you want to view the list of Unsupported objects that are still being used by programs.

Unscanned/Partly scanned Objects: Variables within programs that get declared dynamically cannot be scanned by code-scan tool. This must be manually checked if there is any reference to unsupported objects. A list of these programs will be displayed in this option.

Once you make your selections and select execute, you see a list of objects as per the option chosen by you (from above). Once you select an object, you see the object in a hierarchical display.

The hierarchical display can either be as:

  • Where Used list - View the objects that are calling the object selected on left pane.

  • Drill-Down list - List of objects used by the object selected on left pane.

You can toggle between these two displays with the "Switch" option (Shift+F2).

You can also choose to re-scan an object by selecting the object and choosing "Scan single object again (F6)" again.

If you or your colleagues have further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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